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Foresight Optima

Maximise Production and Quality, Minimise Energy Consumption and CO2 emissions

FORESIGHT OPTIMA provides a step-change in energy, resource and carbon management, allowing manufacturing sites, industrial plants and transportation companies to optimise asset performance and efficiency without compromising production and quality.

  • Reduce energy & carbon – find and implement optimal operating regimes for resource efficiency and lower production costs
  • Maximise renewable use – by integrating renewable energy sources
  • Eliminate tariff surcharges – by identifying peak demand conditions
  • Track ESG performance – for automated sustainability and carbon standards compliance and reporting

What's in the box?

Production Optimisation 

Automatically identify and implement operating regimes that reduce energy consumption, cost and carbon emissions in real-time. Implement AI-recommended control settings in either open- or closed-loop to achieve quantified energy and cost savings. 


  • Energy Efficiency Index
  • Best-in-Cluster Analysis
  • Cost per SKU tracking

Scenario Planner 

Simulate specific objectives for production output, quality, and energy usage, and add thousands of constraints—the multivariate optimisation will find your best energy performance, then implement the recommended control settings in time for the next shift.


  • Multi-objective Scenario Optimisation
  • Sensitivity and Trade-off Analysis
  • Open or Closed-Loop Implementation 

Optimise Hybrid Energy Mix

Automatically maximise energy use from renewable sources,  predict optimum energy mix and carbon emissions, and identify peak demand conditions to avoid incurring higher tariffs and penalties. 


  • Energy Mix Optimisation
  • Peak Demand Optimisation 

ESG Tracking

Automatically track and report progress on net zero emissions, sustainability goals, ESG and disclosure frameworks and ISO 50001 compliance.


  • Automated Sustainability & ESG Reporting
  • Inference Benchmarking 
  • NLP

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Major Steel Producer (Middle East)

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