Optimising industrial asset performance for net zero emissions. a low-carbon economy. the planet. the future.


A new approach to managing asset lifetime:

Make an Asset Efficient – Monitor the Health of the Asset – Service the Asset

Our suite of applied AI solutions empowers industrial companies on their journey to sustainability.

Simultaneously optimise energy use, carbon emissions, production throughput and quality. Then monitor and service your assets with prescriptive and predictive insights to maintain optimal Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and extend asset life.

Optimise asset efficiency without compromising production and quality. 

  • Reduce energy and carbon
  • Minimise production cost
  • Track ESG performance

Pinpoint assets that need attention to maintain peak performance.

  • Detect anomalies
  • Minimise downtime 
  • Prevent asset degradation 

Orchestrate end-to-end repair workflows to increase asset reliability.

  • Codify approval policies 
  • Benchmark process and resources 
  • Extend asset life 

Engineered for rapid deployment and industrial scale ROI

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Automated Analytics


Digital Twins 

Built by industrial engineers, trusted by industry leaders

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