Harness data for better business performance

QiO is an Industry 4.0 technology company built by industrial engineers

QiO is an Industry 4.0 technology company built by industrial engineers to harness data for better business performance and accelerate progress towards a zero carbon economy. Since 2015, our Foresight Sustainability Suite of products have helped industrial clients make step changes in asset efficiency, performance and reliability, resulting in carbon footprint reduction.

Recognised in Gartner’s lloT Magic Quadrant report, the Foresight Sustainability Suite combines our proprietary out-of-the-box industry-specific blueprints and automated machine learning algorithms for rapid deployment to multiple plants and asset types at speed — without the usual costly and heavily staffed implementations, high software license fees, and unforeseen rework.

What makes our Industry 4.0 solutions unique?

Pre-built templates

Rapid time to value with adaptive pre-built blueprints.

Out of the box, fully configurable solutions with pre-built industry specific blueprints and data models.


Flexibility to deploy on any cloud and IoT platform.

Designed to be interoperable with existing legacy IT and OT systems.

Automated Analytics

Fully automated, scalable AI model management.

Proprietary Industrial AI Algorithms: automatically generate and train models to specific industries, plants and assets without the need of additional data scientists.


Open or closed-loop orchestration.

Feedback loops improve the accuracy of AI models, fully automating control throughout the asset life cycle.

Digital Twins

Our proprietary PARCs® and Digital Health Record algorithms measure and benchmark asset performance, and continuously rank next best actions.

Real-time Multi-asset analysis across billions of data points to identify the most valuable actions across sustainability, maintenance and service opportunities.

Ready to learn more?

Read the ARC Advisory Group Whitepaper: QiO Technologies Foresight Suite Accelerates Digital Transformation

This report underscores QiO’s strategy for integrating data from silos to create transformative outcomes for industrial – based firms, based on QiO’s demonstrated success in aerospace, marine, oil and gas, and manufacturing markets.

Authored by research firm ARC Advisory Group senior analyst Paula Hollywood.