Breaking the barriers to seamless asset servicing

Foresight Service

Maximise Customer Satisfaction, Minimise Downtime & Costs 

Foresight Service enables seamless asset servicing to speed up your workflow from assets identified as ‘at risk’ from our Foresight Maintenance solution.

  • Manage your servicing workflow end-to-end, including warranty coverage, spare parts management and labour costs. 
  • Integrate your ERP and work management systems to automate and streamline your servicing workflows.

What's in the box?

Automated Work Approval  

Codify approval policies across an end-to-end servicing workflow.  


  • Context Aware Correlation

Spare Parts Integration  

Leverage knowledge already captured in the enterprise and securely store engineering IP as well as supplier agreements.


  • Engineering IP Repository 
  • NLP
QiO Foresight Service Workflow Analytics product screen

Workflow Analytics  

Benchmark processes and resources, and view key workflow closure metrics such as resolution time and average time to repair.  


  • Inference Benchmarking 
  • RPA service and warranty 

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