Digital health records to manage your assets


Maximise Availability & Resilience, Minimise Maintenance Costs 

FORESIGHT MAINTENANCE enables a data-driven and collaborative approach to maintenance challenges.  Use the power of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to identify why and when a failure will happen in the future, with insights to prescribe the recommended best course of action for maintenance teams to be more productive, take safer actions and increase asset lifetime.

Automatically creating dynamic Digital Health Records enables much more effective monitoring of the health of every asset to: 

  • Reduce planned and unplanned downtime, reducing costs 
  • Increase uptime and service level to customers and remaining useful life of critical components 

What's in the box?

Anomaly Detection     

Identification of hard and soft faults for specificity and sensitivity.  


  • Multivariate anomaly detection 
  • Vibration detection 
  • Acoustic detection

Dynamic Digital Health Record  

Benchmark performance using the PARCS® Digital Twin Framework.


  • PARCS® and Digital Health Record algorithms

Prioritised Maintenance Alert System  

Predictive and prescriptive insights contextualised and personalised. 


  • Dynamic Ranking of Assets 
  • Automated Maintenance Reports  

Customer Success Stories

Leading chemicals company (Asia)
Leading utility company

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