Energy utilities are facing a number of pressures forcing a re-think of their traditional role in society. 

As the pressure to decarbonise intensifies, utilities need to build and operate renewable energy capacity at an unprecedented pace – creating challenges for the grid and requiring costly energy storage solutions to balance intermittency. 

Ageing infrastructure, new regulations, customer churn rates as high as 15% in Europe, and increased competition from the emergence of new players offering added value services and promising customers a cleaner energy mix, all add to an already challenging problem set.

Improve your energy mix and carbon intensity by maximising the contribution from renewable energy sources.

Implement control settings that maximise production and minimise cost and emissions.

Keep it that way with proactive monitoring and servicing interventions.


Foresight Sustainability Suite provides a suite of ready-to-deploy features and algorithms that integrate with utility SCADA systems, Edge devices and ERP systems, to recommend and implement optimal control settings on industrial machinery, helping utilities ensure high asset uptime, increase overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and maximise renewable energy production. 

Anomaly Detection

Detect vibration, temperature, fatigue and other anomalies at up to sub-second granularity.

Digital Health Record 

Continuously monitor and benchmark asset performance, detecting risks and finding identical or closest-match assets that could be next in line for preventive maintenance.

Energy Mix Optimisation

Use location-specific weather forecast data to accurately predict energy generation from your on-site solar or wind distributed energy sources, reducing fuel consumption and grid demand during peak tariff times, resulting in reduced emissions and lower running costs. 

Case Study

Large energy utility QiO helped detect and remediate potential gas turbine failures at this energy utility’s gas-fired power plants. The Foresight Maintenance solution identified deviations from normal behaviour of a gas turbine, accessing large volumes of SCADA and work management data, and correlating multiple parameters amounting to potential failure or downtime of gas turbines. This was then used to generate recommendations for increasing the effectiveness and quality of preventive maintenance activities carried out by plant engineers, leading to significant reductions in maintenance and labour costs.

Large energy utility (Singapore)