QiO helps Rolls-Royce improve MRO and warranty resolution times.


    Rolls-Royce’s service partner operates 70+ global Authorised Service Centres, responsible for maintenance, repair and operation of 3,500 aircraft in service. Rolls-Royce identified opportunities within the current processes and systems to improve employee productivity, turn-around times and, ultimately, customer satisfaction. Rolls-Royce decided they needed an application that could be deployed quickly and scaled across their partner’s global network of service centres, could consolidate multiple data sources, and could optimise existing efforts – all to provide seamless customer support.

    The service and transaction volume at these Authorised Service Centres is extremely high, with thousands of part and work orders, repairs and invoice approvals. Existing maintenance processes were largely manual with the use of email and phone calls as the primary tools for management and collaboration. This workflow resulted in many open user cases, which was impacting the customer experience.

    Rolls-Royce selected QiO based on QiO's innovative technology, ability to work quickly and teaming approach. In less than 15 weeks, QiO and Rolls-Royce engineers designed, developed and deployed a cloud and mobile-first application. Over 25 people from 5 different countries worked as one team, using lean start-up principles and an agile software development methodology to consolidate data from multiple sources including SAP and IBM Maximo. This fully-integrated application provided Authorised Service Centre users with access to real-time warranty and maintenance information.

    Since its launch, Rolls-Royce has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from its service partner. The solution, which has set a new industry standard, has been described as "leading edge" and a "game-changer". The new application has streamlined existing processes, reduced processing times, simplified communication and enabled Rolls-Royce's service partner to handle an even greater volume of transactions.


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