PARCS® Profile

A Self-Learning Digital Twin

In Industry 4.0, digital twins are a must to drive transparency from design to operations. Unfortunately, not all digital twins are created equally. Many view slices of data at a point-in-time, resulting in digital twins that are static and difficult to scale.

With our patent pending PARCS Profile, you can create a next-level analytical digital twin - one that is artificial intelligence infused to learn and grow from the deployment of QiO's Foresight applications.

Profile real-world physical objects such as valves, compressors, turbines, motors or entire plants.

Combine design, manufacturing and operational data in a single common lexicon to provide a holistic 360-degree view of the asset. With PARCS Profile you can reach new levels of productivity, develop new opportunities and plan the future. That’s how you win in Industry 4.0.

PARCS Profile

The PARCS profile provides a dynamic multi-dimensional perspective of:

  • Performance - ensuring a balance between effectiveness and efficiency

  • Availability - the asset is ready to use for the purpose intended by the manufacturer

  • Reliability - measures of downtime duration, frequency of failures, system availability and response time

  • Capacity - the capability of a device to provide desired output per period of time

  • Serviceability - the ease and speed of which corrective maintenance and preventive maintenance can be conducted on a system

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