Reflexive Execution

Foresight Performance

Your production floor is a dynamic environment and perfect execution can be difficult to plan and manage. Every day you encounter a new set of challenges. From equipment availability, to material shortages or absent workers, you can always count on unexpected events.

Incumbent scheduling software solutions are constraint-based and not reflexive to real-time changes. Foresight Production puts you back in control. Now you can manage production capacity based on predictive insights, no more expediting product or being locked into production and capacity plans based on rigid, preset schedules.

Foresight Production integrates with your existing ERP, MES and Supply Chain Execution systems, to provide mitigation scenarios for your production challenges. The application continuously monitors schedules, demand signals and production processes in real time through a self-learning, artificial-intelligence engine. This empowers you to make real-time, in-context decisions on the best course of action to meet your production, quality and safety objectives.

Enhancing your ability to maximise productivity, drive capital efficiency, increase quality and achieve high customer satisfaction.


  • Reduce shop-floor disruptions and unplanned events

  • Reflexively manage production impacts due to unexpected material, machine and manpower issues

  • Maximise your current resources to drive efficiency and productivity

  • Meet and exceed your customer quality and delivery commitments

Real time optimisation of your capacity and production schedules

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