Automate Compliance

Foresight Performance

For too long you’ve been burdened with legacy thinking and siloed software. Foresight Performance digitally streamlines compliance and performance tracking to your company and industry standards. Move away from time-consuming and error-prone spreadsheets. Communicate, collaborate and track compliance to your standard operating procedures for safety, quality and lean standards across all your manufacturing sites and suppliers.

A highly configurable application with pre-built templates based on industry best practices. Communicate the latest guidelines and standards definitions throughout the organisation with support for multimedia content, including PDF and video. Track compliance to standards at any level of the organisational hierarchy and view work-in-progress dashboards.

Team members can get automated suggestions for improvement and can collaborate with experts across your organisation. That’s how you drive quality, reduce waste and improve safety.


  • Easy access and up-to-date information for reporting waste, quality, safety and lean measures to company standards

  • Ability to report compliance easily and add actions to show progress

  • Visibility and transparency to Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) across all production sites

  • Real-time dashboard to view work-in-progress by product line, manufacturing cell and location

Digitally track performance of you corporate standards in real time



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