Optimise Energy Efficiency

Foresight Performance

You know that there is tremendous opportunity to lower your energy usage, but you cannot put quality and production at risk. Do you know the optimal energy needed to produce quality product? Can you predict how energy fluctuations will impact quality and production?

With Foresight Energy, you can analyse data from industrial equipment such as boilers, furnaces, HVACs, end energy meters, in addition to MES and ERP systems to create a real-time energy efficiency index showing the energy consumed per unit of product produced.

This enables production operators to optimise the use of energy per product manufactured by effectively controlling the key factors influencing energy consumption.

Whether it's minimising energy use or reducing transportation fuel costs, Foresight Energy is artificial intelligence infused to go beyond predicting energy consumption and can deliver prescriptive recommendations to alter operating conditions, material mix and flow to greatly reduce energy expenditure.


  • Real-time visibility and correlation of energy to production

  • Ability to identify energy consumption patterns to production and operating changes

  • Prescriptive recommendations to optimise energy use across production lines, plants and your transportation network

Optimise your energy consumption across production lines, plants or transportation

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