QiO helps a top-4 oil producer decrease pump downtime.

A top-4 Oil & Gas producer was looking for a software solution that could capture real-time data from mission critical oil pumps to improve reliability and ultimately, increase production. They could not scale their existing relational, condition-based monitoring systems cost-effectively to monitor thousands of electrical downhole pumps. The pumps are critical assets in the extraction of oil from reservoirs and any impact on performance will result in lost production and potential safety issues.

QiO Foresight Maintenance was used to ingest over 19 million records, with 985 analytic models. Predictive analytics were applied to determine ‘As Designed’ performance to ‘As Operated’ for temperature, bearing failure, pump malfunction, motor damage and motor leakage.

In less than 3 months, the client recorded a 4x improvement in data processing times and a 45% reduction in IT cost. In addition, the predictive analytics helped to mitigate an estimated $500,000 per hour per pump in revenue losses from unplanned downtime.



How can we detect possible equipment failures across thousands of down-hole pumps and reduce unplanned downtime?


QiO Foresight Maintenance


  • 4x improvement in data processing times

  • 45% reduction in IT cost

  • Averted an estimated $500,000 per hour per pump in revenue losses from unplanned downtime



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